Sunday, October 4, 2009

Final Gym Rats Recap

Better late than never, here is the final recap of last Saturday night's Gym Rats Midnight Madness event at Cherry Hill East High School in New Jersey. The final two players we are going to take a closer look at are Patterson Catholic's 6'7 Kyle Anderson and the "youtube sensation" Cesar Guerrero.

Kyle Anderson(Class of 2012, undecided, pictured above): Anderson is considered by most to be one of the most intriguing and promising sophomores in the country. It's very difficult to label Anderson as a guard or a small forward or to really put a label on him at all. He is simply a tremendously talented basketball player. Although only a sophomore, Anderson displayed a calm and understanding of the game well beyond his years. At 6'7, he could project as a lead guard at the next level, a 2, or a small forward. He showed great court vision, a reliable jumpshot, and good athleticism. Anderson played on the USA Basketball Men's Developmental Team earlier this summer. As he continues to grow, both physically and skill-wise, Anderson is likely to become one of the more hotly recruited players on the East Coast. His understanding of the game and selflessness were almost easily overlooked in a game like this, but the fact that we could notice shows you just how much potential he has.

Cesar Guerrero (Class of 2011, undecided): If there is a basic polar opposite to Anderson, Guerrero is it. That is not to say at all that he doesn't have talent. He does. And plenty of it. As smooth and fluid and relaxed as Anderson is on the court, Cesar is up-tempo and flashy. Standing right around 6 foot, Cesar is basically a human highlight reel. He played in the event last year so his no-look passes and dynamic dribbling were no surprise at all. Cesar has terrific court vision and makes every pass, at the least, very entertaining to watch. He also played surprisingly good defense in this game, which is possible due to his competitive nature and quickness. The only question that colleges are likely to have is whether he can temper the And 1 style to his game for a college setting. He was one of the most entertaining players on the court and one that can electrify a crowd. He was introduced on Saturday as a "youtube sensation" because of his highlights online. For those interested, there's a link below to check them out.

Guerrero Youtube Highlights

Photo Above Courtesy of SNY

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