Sunday, July 25, 2010

Myles Davis Down to Four

In an article on the Rivals network on Friday, former Saint Peter's Prep guard Myles Davis listed the four schools that he will be selecting from when he ultimately makes his college choice. The schools he listed, in the article linked below, are Villanova, Pitt, Georgetown, and the University of Virginia. A number of schools that Davis had been listing for quite some time, which included Saint Joseph's, did not make the final cut. In the article, Davis also explains that the college choice could be made in the near future. While he seems to have an idea where he will be playing his college ball, Davis still needs to decide where he will be playing high school ball next year. In addition to that, Myles will be deciding whether or not he will reclassify into the 2012 class. When I spoke with Saint Peter's Prep coach Mike Kelly over the winter about Davis' recruitment, he did mention to me that Davis is young for his class. This could be one of the reasons for his possible decision to reclassify.

Myles Davis was a target of the SJU coaching staff for quite some time. With his name off the board now, the staff is likely to hone in even more on current guard targets like Chris Wilson, Juan'ya Green, and Elijah Carter. It is also possible that new names will pop up over the remainder of the summer. While the Hawks seem certain to sign a guard in the 2011 class, exactly who will fill that role is up in the air.

Myles Davis Trims LIst to Four

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