Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Interview with the Galloways

Last night, I was fortunate enough to get the chance to speak with one of the Saint Joseph's Hawks exceptional 2010 recruits, Langston Galloway, and his father Larry. They were kind enough to take some time out of their day to answer some of my questions. I spoke with Mr. Larry Galloway first and then Langston.

Hawk Hill Hardwood: All coaches take different approaches in trying to recruit players to their program. You read about how some coaches stress academics while others stress ESPN appearances and others stress facilities. What approach were you most impressed by?

Larry Galloway: You get different opinions from different coaches. Coach Phil Martelli's approach to it all was the best. Coach Martelli visited Langston at school here in Louisiana and spoke a lot about life after ball. He spoke about being a man and taking on life. He was the best supportive coach that we heard from and described just a great atmosphere.

Hawk Hill Hardwood: Building on that, you mentioned a great atmosphere. Although you aren't actually going to the school to play, this is an extremely important decision for you as well. What type of atmosphere were you looking for? Obviously Saint Joe's has a smaller and more intimate atmosphere. Is that something that appealed more than a big state school?

Larry Galloway: We were looking for a school that would put a good support group around Langston. Since we are from Louisiana, there could be homesickness so a good support group was important for all of us. The assistant coaches were all very supportive, and assistant coach Geoff Arnold is my wife's brother. My wife's family is another support group. She has about 7 family members in the Philadelphia area, including Geoff and other brothers. She also has sisters in the area and her mother, all in Darby Township. The alumni at Saint Joe's are also a positive thing, so is that it's a Jesuit school where people come together.

Hawk Hill Hardwood: Lastly, before asking Langston some questions, I have one more for you. Some pictures made their way online last week of Langston's signing ceremony. That was a large gathering. Who was there that day?

Larry Galloway: I had four family members there for Langston's signing ceremony. Lots of the other people in the picture were my wife's friends. The principal was also there and so were Langston's teammates and other people from CLA (Christian Life Academy) that have been there since Langston's freshman year. I went out and bought a lot of Saint Joe's tee shirts for people there to wear. We wanted to show that Langston has a supportive group around him. It was a great signing day.

Hawk Hill Hardwood: Thanks a lot Larry. Langston, have you gotten a chance to speak with Coach Martelli yet?

Langston Galloway: I spoke with Coach Martelli that night and he welcomed me to Saint Joe's. He told me that school was going to be a great experience.

Hawk Hill Hardwood: Since you live in Louisiana, most Hawk fans have not gotten a chance to see you play. How would you describe your game?

Langston Galloway: I'm a shooter, but I can also distribute the ball. I'm a pass-first guard. I also like to attack the basket. I'm just an all-around basketball player.

Hawk Hill Hardwood: When the Hawks were recruiting you, did they recruit you as an all-around guard or to a specific position?

Langston Galloway: They said that I'm going to play the 1 a little bit and the 2 a little bit.

Hawk Hill Hardwood: When you narrowed your list of schools down toward the end, what other schools were you considering in addition to SJU?

Langston Galloway: I was looking at Texas A and M, Baylor, LSU, Cincinatti, Oklahoma State, and Stanford too.

Hawk Hill Hardwood: When you came up to Philadelphia over the summer, what did you think of the new facilities? You probably heard about the old Fieldhouse and how bad they were. Did the new facilities play a role in your decision?

Langston Galloway: Yes they did. They played a big part in my decision. I got to see the remodeling of the offices and the locker room and everything. My uncle played here and was here before all of this. I got to see the old offices and the new ones are so much bigger.

Hawk Hill Hardwood: Did you have to duck when you walked into the old offices?

Langston Galloway: (laughing) I did.

Hawk Hill Hardwood: Langston, have you gotten a chance to meet or speak with any of the other guys that will be arriving on campus with you next year?

Langston Galloway: I got to talk to CJ Aiken and meet him. I also got to meet the one that hasn't signed yet, Roberts. I got to meet Daryus Quarles for like a second at the Peach Jam, but we didn't get much time to talk.

Hawk Hill Hardwood: Are you excited about playing with them?

Langston Galloway: Really excited. Playing with great players just makes you a better player.

Hawk Hill Hardwood: Your high school season starts soon. You play in a tournament in Tampa and also get to play in the New Orleans Hornets stadium. What are your expectations for this season?

Langston Galloway: We're expecting a better season this season. Last year we made it to the semifinals and we are trying to redeem ourselves this year and win the state.

Hawk Hill Hardwood: Good luck this season Langston. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Hawk fans are very excited about your arrival next year.

Langston Galloway: Thank you.

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