Saturday, November 28, 2009

Zagsblog- Parcells Donates $100,000 to the Friars

Adam Zagoria of Zagsblog has a nice article up on New Jersey native Bill Parcells' recent donation of 100 grand to Saint Anthony High School in Jersey City.

The school has had economic struggles in recent times, and Parcells said that he understands the significance of a solid high school education.

The Saint Anthony Friars basketball team is coached by Bob Hurley Sr. (pictured above) and is one of the most successful high school programs in America.

Anyone unfamiliar with the school or the great work that Hurley does there should pick up Adrian Wojnarowski's The Miracle of Saint Anthony.

A documentary of Hurley's undefeated team of two years ago, entitled The Street Stops Here will be aired on PBS in March.

A link to the Zagsblog article is below:

Zagsblog Aricle-Bill Parcells' Donation

Here is a trailer to the documentary as well:

The Street Stops Here Trailer


  1. the book is a must read.
    anyone who ever thought there was any doubt as to the polar extremes of the hawks and cats programs have only to read the account of rollie recruiting one of hurley's players.
    the documentary premier should be bookmarked for everyone on 3.29.10 on pbs.

  2. It's probably my favorite "sports" book of all time, although it's almost unfair to label it a sports book. I can't wait to see the documentary either.