Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Few Words With Byron Dixon

I got a chance to talk briefly with Paulsboro boy's basketball coach Byron Dixon earlier today about senior wing, and 2010 Saint Joseph's commit, Daryus Quarles. Quarles, a long 6'6 wing, began his high school career at Paulsboro High School before transferring last year to Burlington's Life Center Academy. Last March, Quarles transferred back to Paulsboro. Due to New Jersey high school regulations, Quarles is forced to sit out 365 days before becoming eligible once again. I spoke with Coach Dixon about this issue and a number of others.

Sitting out this year has taken a mental toll on Quarles, according to Dixon. While being forced to watch his teammates play without him is a challenge, Dixon also stated that Daryus is learning a greater life lesson as a result of this. The experience is forcing Daryus to mature and be patient.

Although he is unable to play in games, Daryus is able to practice daily with his high school team. According to Dixon, Paulsboro is currently the second seed in their group. Coach Dixon explained that Daryus could get the opportunity to play this season should Paulsboro make a run in the state playoffs.

When asked what Daryus' greatest asset is and what he will bring to SJU next year, Dixon replied that it is self-confidence. Dixon said, "He has come a long way in feeling good about himself and his game. In my opinion, this will allow him to contribute right away as opposed to developing the mentality to play at that level."

I asked Dixon who he would compare Daryus to in terms of skill set and basketball ability. He predicated his answer by saying that he doesn't like to make comparisons like that, and that he'd like Daryus to make his own mark. After saying that, Dixon said that he would compare Quarles to Kobe Bryant at the high school level.

Daryus Quarles is one of three tremendously talented players that will arrive on Hawk Hill next year. Along with Langston Galloway and CJ Aiken, Quarles is part of a young, talented core poised to leave their mark at Saint Joseph's.

Photo above courtesy of NJ.com

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