Saturday, April 10, 2010

Latest on Ron Roberts

The bulk of my updates lately (which have been marginal at best) have dealt with Saint Peter's Prep's Ronald Roberts. Last week, I wrote that SPP coach Mike Kelly was slated to meet with new Saint John's coach Steve Lavin during the week. I was able to get in touch with Coach Kelly in the past couple hours and got the latest on his star senior forward.

On Wednesday evening, new Saint John's assistant coach Tony Chiles, formerly on Bruiser Flint's staff at Drexel, spoke with Roberts on the phone about his signed Letter of Intent at Saint John's. Mike Kelly then spoke with Chiles on Thursday morning about Ron. As for the meeting with Coach Lavin? That meeting still has not happened due to Lavin being "busy". Mike Kelly's conversation with Tony Chiles was relayed to the Roberts family, and they are going to sit down to discuss what is in Ronald's best interest. Lavin has not done anything up to this point to indicate to Ronald or his family that he is really wanted at Saint John's. Once again, I will say to stay tuned.

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