Friday, June 24, 2011

Big Move

Over the past nearly two years, I have been blessed in many ways by this site. I have gotten to speak with, meet with, and become friends with a number of people as a result of this site. Today's entry here marks the end of one chapter for me and the beginning of another. This entry will be the final one on this particular site.

Beginning today, I will be moving all of my writing to the Scout network. The website name will be the same as this, and a link to the site is at the bottom of this entry.

By becoming a part of the Scout network, I will be better able to provide in-depth coverage and insight into the Hawks for all readers. The opportunity to join such a great and well-respected network was impossible for me to pass up.

Scout is a subscription service, and a large chunk of the articles I write for the new Hawk Hill Hardwood will require membership, which is $5 per month. However, there will still be articles posted free for anyone to read. With the membership, readers will have access to all articles written by me as well as those that others write for Hawk Hill Hardwood. The website will also feature a free message board along with a premium message board for subscribers. In addition, subscribers will be able to read all basketball articles written anywhere on the Scout network.

In the coming weeks, I will be covering the Reebok Breakout Challenge, the Hoop Group Summer Classic East, and a few other summer events. Belonging to the Scout network will also allow me better access to coaches and players for interviews for the site.

I hope to see many of you over on the new Hawk Hill Hardwood site. Thank you to all of you that have read, commented, and sent me emails over the past nearly two years. I hope to keep that dialogue going!

Here is a link to the new Scout site:

Hawk Hill Hardwood

In the coming days, I will be releasing a number of articles on 2012 targets as well as a recap of the Hawks' first summer league game on Sunday night.

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