Thursday, June 16, 2011

Davon Reed Fields Calls

Yesterday marked the first day that college coaches could contact players in the class of 2013. As a result, phones across the nation were ringing off the hook throughout the day. One local player who received more than his fair share of phone calls was Princeton Day School (NJ) rising junior Davon Reed. Reed, a 6'5 shooting guard who plays his AAU ball with Team Final, has had a terrific spring. The buzz surrounding him this spring no doubt led to the volume of calls he received yesterday.

I caught up with Davon's high school coach at PDS, Paris McLean, last night about the calls that Davon fielded yesterday. Among the schools that contacted Davon yesterday, according to his coach, were Seton Hall, Rutgers, La Salle, Ohio State, DePaul, Florida, Iowa, Florida State, Cincinnati, Pitt, West Virginia, Dartmouth, Baylor, and Saint Joseph's. He also admitted that the day was so busy that he could be leaving schools off that list.

One thing is for sure though. Many of these schools will be tracking Davon during the July evaluation periods. One event that Davon and his AAU teammates will be participating in during July is the Hoop Group Summer Classic in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania on July 11th and 12th. During that event, which is open to college coaches, you can bet that Davon will draw a crowd.

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