Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More on Ronald Roberts

As promised, here is the remainder of the article on the Hawks' newest signing, senior 6'7 forward Ronald Roberts from Saint Peter's Prep. Earlier, we broke down the factors that led to Roberts signing with the Hawks. Now we will take a look at his game. Our look into his game comes courtesy of his high school coach, Mike Kelly.

Ronald ultimately chose the Hawks this time around over Georgia Tech and the University of Virginia, two ACC schools. Back in October, he signed with a Big East school. Pretty impressive for any high school player, right? Well, it's even more impressive considering the fact that Ron has only played two years of varsity basketball. As a sophomore, he was cut from the varsity team at Bayonne. He then transferred to Saint Peter's Prep as a junior where he made varsity and really began to make a name for himself. Ron certainly seems to fit into the category of a late bloomer. According to Coach Kelly, his growth as a player is due to "pro" athletic ability and a terrific work ethic.

Right now, according to Kelly, Ronald is a 4 making the transition to the wing. Kelly said that with his size (6'7 215 pounds says the coach) he is a matchup nightmare. Roberts is strong around the basket, and has been working very hard on his perimeter skills. Kelly said that "he has developed a good jumper with 3 point range." His ability to play both inside and out, according to his coach, is what makes him such an impressive prospect. In addition to his athleticism, his length allows him to defend the perimeter as well as block shots in the post.

Ron will continue to work on his handle and his jump shot in the months leading up to his arrival on Hawk Hill. What he brings with him was previously missing from the lineup. Roberts is, as his coach said, "freakishly athletic" and a terrific rebounder. His toughness will be an asset to the Hawks this year. As his perimeter game continues to improve, his value will even further increase.

In only a few short months, Roberts will be joining his fellow freshmen on Hawk Hill. They have the chance to do something truly special during their time there.

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