Friday, October 15, 2010

Start of Practice; Eddie Griffin Sunday

For fans of college basketball, the very mention of the date October 15th is like music to the ears. It is the very first day of the college basketball season, as practice are allowed to begin. While players have been able to work out and meet with coaches according to NCAA regulations, today is the first day of practice across the country. For the Hawks, the season's first practice comes at 10:30 tomorrow morning at the Hagan. The Hawks begin the season with seniors Idris Hilliard and Charoy Bentley as senior co-captains, according to the link below. The season opener is also the home opener, a November 12th date with Western Kentucky.

SJU Hawks

Just up 95 from Hawk Hill, many of the best high school players in the area will be meeting to participate in the 8th annual Eddie Griffin Challenge. The event, taking place at Trenton Catholic High School, begins at 3 with the sophomore game, continues at 4:30 with the junior game, and peaks at 6 with the senior game. While the big-name attractions are in the senior game (Michael Gilchrist and LaQuinton Ross to name two), there are a number of talented juniors and sophomores as well. Some of those participating are names that Hawk fans will become familiar with over the coming year. I will be on hand Sunday, providing a recap next week on the games, and especially the names of interest for Hawk fans.

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