Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Devin Coleman Sets Clemson Visit

According to Hale McGranahan, on the Clemson Scout.com site (linked here ) Friends' Central senior guard Devin Coleman is planning a late-month visit to Clemson. The ACC school is a relative newcomer in Coleman's recruitment, but they are coming hard. An assistant from Clemson was on hand when Coleman and his Friends' Central squad nearly knocked off Bob Hurley's Saint Anthony team last weekend.

Most schools involved with Coleman, like Saint Joseph's, Penn, Penn State, and La Salle, are close to home. Obviously Clemson is not, but that does not seem a deterrence at the moment. In the McGranahan article linked above, Coleman expresses high interest in Clemson.

I have written a number of pieces on Coleman over the past couple of weeks. They are all linked below.

Hakim Warrick Classic Recap-Devin Coleman

Hakim Warrick Classic Recap-General

Interview with Coleman's High School Coach

Continue to check back for updates on Devin's season and recruitment.

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